Tiamo Wines

Tiamo is a line of excellent moderately priced Italian wines made from organic grapes.

About Tiamo Wines

Tiamo is a line of excellent moderately priced Italian wines made from organic grapes. They all represent top quality wines from the best growers in their respective regions.

The selection includes a delicious Prosecco that is sourced from vineyards in the village of Valdobbiadene, a crisp but fruit forward Pinot Grigio that comes from vineyards near Treviso in the Veneto region, a beautifully soft Chianti from Montespertoli which lies in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, a robust Barbera from the Lombardy region and a delightful rose from Abruzzo. Several of the Tiamo wines are also available in kegs and cans rose from


Tiamo Wines Organic Barbera

Organic Barbera IGT

Lombary, Italy

The Tiamo Barbera IGT comes from a certified organic vineyard in Provincia di Pavia, in Lombardy, Italy.

The wine is soft and beautifully balanced with plenty of fruit. It is the perfect every day Italian red wine.

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Tiamo Wines Organic Chianti

Organic Chianti DOCG

Tuscany, Italy

The Tiamo Chianti DOCG comes from a certified organic vineyard near the hillside village of Montespertoli in Tuscany.

The wine is a blend of 90% Sangiovese and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is made without any contact with wood in order to get as much of the fruit quality as possible. The resulting wine is soft and elegant and rich in flavor.

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Tiamo Wines Organic Pinot Grigio

Organic Pinot Grigio

Veneto, Italy

The Tiamo Pinot Grigio is sourced from a certified organic vineyard  near the town of Treviso in the Veneto wine growing region of Italy.

No oak is used in making the wine in order to keep it fresh and crisp but the wine is also floral and full of fruit due to the high quality of the organic grapes used in its production.

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Tiamo Wines Organic Prosecco DOC

Organic Prosecco DOC

Valdobiadenne, Italy

Prosecco is a white grape variety that has been cultivated in the Veneto region of Italy since 1800 and that today makes one of the world’s most delicious sparkling wines.

The best vineyards for growing Prosecco are located in and around the village of Valdobiadene and the Tiamo Prosecco is produced exclusively from certified organic grapes from that region.

The wine is fresh and fruity with lovely rich aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus that fade into the floral bouquet. The Tiamo Prosecco pairs well with lighter cuisine food, especially fish/shellfish and softer cheeses. It’s also an ideal aperitif and is an excellent base for cocktails—such as the Bellini or Mimosa.

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Tiamo Prosecco Rose Label

Organic Prosecco Rosé

Di Valdobbiadene, Italy

The Tiamo Prosecco Rosé is a crisp andfresh sparkling wine, with floral aromasalongside notes of cut apples, pears, citrusand strawberry.

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Tiamo Organic Rosé Cans


Lovely, fresh bouquet of wild strawberries and floral accents, dry and crisp palate.

Sailing, picnics, BBQ gatherings – the perfect all-purpose wine!

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Tiamo Organic Dry Rosé Wine Spritz

Chieti, ITALY

A lovely and natural bright crispness with nuances of fruit flavors and perfect fizz. Super subtle freshness that is a great alternative.

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Tiamo Wines Organic Grillo

Tiamo Organic Dry White Wine Spritz

Sicily – ITALY

Slightly sophisticated, this Wine Spritzer has a more complex flavor. Think of this as a lighter, bubblier, but more refreshing take with floral citrus essence. A great alternative for health conscious drinkers.

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