Premières Cotes de Bordeaux

EXEM [ig-zem] abbreviation of “exemplaire.” Middle French.
1) Deserving imitation; commendable.
2) Serving as an example; illustrative.
3) To set a precedent; excellent.

Exem Bordeaux is 100% estate produced in Lestiac-sur-Garonne, little village 15km South East from Bordeaux along the right bank of the Garonne river, by the Gonfrier family.

The concept of Exem is to provide the consumer with an uncomplicated and “non-threatening” avenue to discover the joys of fine Bordeaux. There are so many different chateaux and wines that it is often overwhelming and hard to know where to start.


Exem Bordeaux is sourced in Lestiac-sur-Garonne, a little village 15km South East from Bordeaux along the right bank of the Garonne river. This village is in the Premières Cotes de Bordeaux appellation that sits as a narrow band along the SW border of the Entre-Deux-Mers on south-facing slopes along the river.


Harvested at their optimal ripeness, which is hugely important in Bordeaux, the grapes are traditionally fermented. The must is inoculated with select yeasts. The fermentation and maceration take place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures of 77-81 ̊Fahrenheit. The extraction is very gentle, in order to produce a wine with soft tannins. Maceration lasts about three weeks. 50% of the wine is barrel aged in new to 3 year old oak barrels for about 8-9 months.

Alcohol: 13.5%


The color of Exem is a deep blue red. The aromas are of ripe red and black fruits with no green notes found in ‘old fashion’ Bordeaux reds. The palate is rich and harmonious. The tannins are soft and elegant. You will find with Exem a new style of Bordeaux, profiling perfectly ripe fruit (which is rare in Bordeaux).

Sustainable Practices

Exem vineyards make minimal use of herbicide and pesticides and use only recommended products less harmful for the environment. Grass is grown in between the rows to avoid herbicides. This cover crop also helps control the vines’ vigor leading to a better ripening of the grapes as well as leads to less erosion of the soil in case of heavy rain. The pest population (mites and insects) is counted, and spray is only used above a certain level of risk. Exem vineyards maintain the natural environment around the vineyards in an efforts to allow greater biodiversity from plants and microorganisms to insects and birds.


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