New Wine Resolutions

3 New Wines from Master Wines to Try in 2016

New Wine Resolutions

Every year, it’s the same old thing: Lose weight, get in shape, maybe save a buck or two – oh, and how about that interesting hobby that you never seem to really pursue?  The initial high of hopes and dreams is inevitably followed by the low of misplaced priorities and failed attempts.  Don’t feel bad – we all do it.

So this year, how about a resolution you will actually WANT to achieve?  And one so simple that engaging it is as simple as sharing a bottle of wine with a friend?  Well, you’re in luck, because your New Years Resolution for 2016 should be to share a bottle of wine with a friend!  And here at Master Wines, we have 3 new offerings that we think you’ll like.

So go ahead – skip the gym, buy a mix of all the foods you said you’d never eat again, call up a friend you haven’t spent time with in awhile, and share with them one of life’s great pleasures: enjoying a glass of wine and drinking in the joy of life.

Exem Bordeaux Blanc

Bordeaux Barrels

Don’t worry – we made plenty of Exem Bordeaux Blanc.

Our Exem line of Bordeaux wines are made with the non-aficionado in mind.  If you can name all of the top Bordeaux appellations and their relative soil type and solar hours per year, this probably isn’t the wine for you.  On the other hand, if you love aromas of citrus, grapefruit, and passionfruit, and flavors of baked apples and pears, this might be just the wine you are looking for.  We didn’t give it a fancy French name, nor a fancy French price tag – this is a wine you can enjoy every day, not admire it in the cellar of your country estate that you just bought with your Powerball winnings.

A classic blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Semillon, our Exem Blanc is sustainably farmed in the “Entre-Deux-Mers” region by the Gonfrier family.  Rather than blanket the vineyard in herbacides, the Gonfrier family plants grass between the vines to keep destructive weeds at bay.  Predatory mites are introduced to the vineyard to control pests, keeping pesticide use at a minimum.  The end product is clean and healthy, and the environment in and around the vineyard thrives due to these measures.

We use stainless steel fermentation to bring out the fresh, crisp flavors and aromas of the grapes, and then age a small amount (~10%) of the wine in oak for 6 months to round out and soften the wine.  The result is a refreshing wine that is versatile enough to be enjoyed in the summer and winter, and perfect for pairing with food.  Great for sushi night, chicken and pork dishes, and it even holds up to spicier dishes.  An outstanding value for an everyday wine from a classic region in France.

Mont Gravet Rose

Charlie with the Vines

Charlie with the vines…

Our Mont Gravet line of wines comes from a region further south, nestled against the Mediterraean: the Languedoc.  This idyllic region, perfectly suited for growing grapes and tanning humans, has been known for its wine production for centuries.  Walking by outdoor patios in any small town, you will see a bottle of rose on almost every table, and for good reason.  Rose is the perfect every occasion wine, and we think our Mont Gravet Rose embodies that spirit.

This beautifully pink wine is made from 100% Cinsault – a grape you may not be familiar with by name, but you’ve likely enjoyed if you’ve ever drank red wine from the Southern Rhone valley.  In the Languedoc, the moderate climate allows Cinsault grapes to ripen to perfection.  We harvest our grapes at night when it is coolest, and quickly whisk them away for a temperature controlled, stainless steel fermentation process.  

Fresh, fruit forward, and dry, this Rose should be in your wine rack 12 months out of the year.  Having a barbeque, but don’t feel like drinking Zinfandel in June? This rose can handle the meat and the sun.  Friends stop by for some cheese and charcuterie? Rose is as versatile of a wine as you can find.  Nearly any salad, fish, or white meat will love to be paired with this wine.  Or just crack open a bottle on your front porch and read a book – no fuss.  The perfect “anytime” wine.

Mont Gravet Red

Mont Gravet Barrels

Mont Gravet waiting its turn…

An ancient varietal, in a traditional vineyard, made in a modern style is how our newest wine has come to life.  The Mont Gravet Pays d’Herault is our latest offering from Southwest France, and it is already turning heads.  We’d love to have you try it in 2016.

Similar to our Mont Gravet Rose, we sourced an historic French varietal for this red wine: Carignan.  But we didn’t just use an historic grape, we also chose a vineyard full of vines aging 50 years old or more for this bottling. A late ripening grape, Carignan needs the long growing season of the Languedoc to reach its full potential.  We source this Carignan from the hills in Herault, where the calcareous soils impart nutriets and minerals that lend a complexity of flavor to our wine.  Contemporary vinification is utilized, including controlled temperatures to enhance the fruity aromas of the wine.

Our Mont Gravet Red is deep, dark, and rich – a perfect alternative to overpriced Cabernets for steak night.  In fact, it goes great with any grilled meats – lamb is an excellent pair – as well as barbeque.  If you’ve been drinking Mont Gravet Rose all afternoon and the party has moved inside for dinner, a bottle of Mont Gravet Red is a great way to cap the night.